GeneratorBike prototype

How our nice and yellow concept bike was born…

We were at a startup event, listening and wondering about future plans. A lady from the Negavatt competition announced that deadline for their competition was near. Toomas laughed and suggested that we could build something like a gym that would generate electricity. At first, it sounded like a plan crazy enough and we decided to try and see what will happen…

After numerous selection processes our project was selected as one of the finalists. It dawned on us that now we actually have to build something as well.

Luckily for us, Toomas is also a blacksmith and skilled in the art of metalwork. He came up with a cool plan how to combine the frame of an old Classic bike and some gadgets to build our first prototype. After a lot of welding and waiting for the Chinese to send us the power generator, Toomas finally assembled the unit.

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