Final event of Negavatt

The deadline had fallen and final event of Negavatt where everyone is supposed to show what they built was very near.

We dragged the GeneratorBike to Genialistide Klubi, set everything up, connected the LED-s and hoped for the best.

There were also numerous other projects competing with us for the three available prizes. Luckily, we were pretty much the only team who had a nice big prototype that everyone could see, touch and even pedal on. Even our Minister of Environment Marko Pomerants liked it and generated some watts of his own 🙂


Still, the competition was fierce and we hoped for the best. We happened to be the first project that had to present and PowerPoint did not function as expected, but we managed to pull everything together quite well. After all the other presentations, the jury had a long meeting during which we were entertained by Chalice. Finally, jury was back and announced the results. Big was our surprise when we were called as winner of the 3rd place!!!

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